USB Microphone, frequency range, 100Hz - 1kHz

USB Microphone, frequency range, 100Hz - 1kHz
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  • USB Microphone, frequency range, 100Hz - 1kHz
  • MF-104-01
  • MF-104-02
  • MF-104-03
  • MF-104-04

DELTACO USB Desktop Microphone, frequency range, 100Hz - 1kHz, sensitivity -21dB, black/gray

This simple but oh so stylish wooden microphone is placed within 15-30cm away from you. The microphone is connected to your computer via the built-in USB-A cable. The mirophone sits on an arm that can move up and down. On the base of the microphone is a mute button and an On / Off switch.

• Sensitivity: -21dB ± 3dB
• Omnidirectional microphone
• Blue LED illumination on/off
• Connected via a 1.5m USB-A cable
• Frequency range: 100Hz - 10,000Hz
• Min-max distance for the microphone: 30cm-15cm

Dimensions(BxDxH): 115 x 220 x 85 mm (extended)
Dimensions(BxDxH): 245 x 35 x 85 mm (flat)
Weight: 105 g

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