Satmeter HD 4 Combo

Satmeter HD 4 Combo
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Satfinner med støtte for Satelitt, Kabel og Bakkenett. 2,4" skjerm  med real-time spectrum analyzer.Kompakt design med all viktig info i skjermen.


Støtter Sat-CR / Unicable, både Sat-CR 1 og Sat-CR II - dCSS


Fast and accurate satellite search

The HD 4 combo is a handy instrument and ideally suited for fast and accurate satellite search. It is possible to measure DVB-S/-S2, DVB-T/-T2 and DVB-C/-C2 signals. The built-in LCD display offers a screen diagonal of 2.4 inches (6 cm). The operation is a breeze with the clear and clearly structured screen surface. In the live measurement all important information is displayed and, if necessary, the signal level and the quality can be displayed enlarged. With the transponder control you have the possibility to evaluate different levels at the same time. This is useful for the measurement of Quattro LNBs. 


Real-time error-Finding spectrum

To evaluate the signal of the satellite system and to analyze possible reception errors, use the spectrum analysis, which runs in almost real time. The constantly updated display of the diagram immediately changes the spectrum when the mirror moves.


Angle calculation for quick alignment

The angle calculation helps you to determine the vertical and horizontal angle of the antenna, because the elevation and azimuth changes depending on the location. Simply enter the location data and the meter will quickly calculate the appropriate angle settings for the dish. Thus, the desired satellite can be found faster.

The integrated compass function facilitates the calculation of the angle. If the instrument is rotated or tilted, the current angle is automatically shown on the display. Alternatively, the selected satellite can be displayed graphically to quickly determine the correct position.


DiSEqC monitor for fast control

The DiSEqC monitor gives you the possibility to check the switching commands of the receiver or TV to locate errors in the device or system. Simply connect the LNB output of the receiver/TV to the LNB input of the

measuring device. You can then check the DiSEqC and Unicable commands and circuits on the instrument.




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