PrimeCreator EasyPrint Neon PLA

PrimeCreator EasyPrint Neon PLA
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PrimeCreator EasyPrint Neon PLA 3D-Printer Filament, Purple/Blue/Orange/Green, 4x 500 g, multi coloured

EasyPrint PLA is PrimeCreatror's latest PLA and is made from 100% virgin PLA pellets. EasyPrint PLA feels a bit softer to the touch than regular PLA, it´s also more pliable which makes it perfect for all printers including printers with a Bowden set up.

Thanks to the very low shrinkage EasyPrint PLA is very easy to use in all FDM/FFF printers. The chances of warping are very small with EasyPrint PLA and it works well without a heated build plate, but for larger prints and the absolute best results it is recommended to use a heated build plate.

• PLA Material
• Neon purple, blue, orange and green
• Pack of 4 neon colored 3D-Printer filaments
• 180 x 54, 5 mm Hub diameter 21mm or 54 mm (adapter included)

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