VR Park Virtual Reality Glasses

VR Park Virtual Reality Glasses
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  • VR Park Virtual Reality Glasses
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VR Park Virtual Reality Glasses, VR-glasses for 4-6" smartphones, adjustable zoom, ABS plastic, black/silver

High-quality VR-glasses from VR Park for smartphones between 4-6" (Max 163x82mm). Your smartphone lays securly placed and it's easy to center your screen for optimal VR-experience. THe glasses opens from the top at the front and with the help of the included EVA-mat you avoid scratches on your smartphone.

Your smartphone is held in place with an adjustable holder (be careful when placing your smartphone and avoid sound/on/off-buttons). You have a 3-point adjustable head strap that you can adjust for a perfect fit of the glasses. On the top of the glasses you will find zooming adjustments for front/back and sideways.

Thanks to VR-technology beeing available on smartphones you can enter a new level of virtual entertainment. Now you can truly experience beeing the virtual character you play. Every movement from your head, every time you take cover so does your character. Nu, as never before experience the true sensation of beeing a racecar driver. Or why not with your own eyes discover the Amazon jungle where you have to flee from deadly predators.

• Durable ABS plastic
• Adjustable zoom
• Comfortable padding for face
• EVA mat
• Easy to use
• Adjustable head strap

Dimensions(WxDxH): 190x138x110mm

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