ICY BOX Netbook Extension USB

ICY BOX Netbook Extension USB
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  • ICY BOX Netbook Extension USB
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Key Features
• Shiny plastic enclosure, elegant design
• Installation of an 2.5" (up to 9.5 mm height) HDD  
• USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbit/s
• LED for Power and Access
• Simple control of system
ICY BOX IB-DK210 Serie
Enclosure for HDD Drive with Adjustable Fan
The decision for a netbook is a decision against a large HDD drive. A decision you will not regret in more than 90 percent of the netbook’s use. But the day will come when you will prefer to be out there with a complete little workstation.
Here comes the Netbook Extension Tablet, a clever new ICY BOX, into play. It looks like a cool netbook itself, shiny black and slim. Inside there is space for a 2.5" SATA HDD. A mini USB interface connects them with the outside world, which is the netbook. The size of 9" is  ideal. The netbook is simply placed on top of the Netbook Extension Tablet.
The Netbook Extension Tablet comes in two versions. In any case you have to insert an HDD of your own. Either you want to build in your own DVD drive (version IB-DK210) or you want to have it built in (version IB-DK210-OD).
The ICY BOX has a 40 mm fan. In its basic position the fan pushes the air along the drives to the outside. Or you flap it upwards. Then it moves the air through the gap between netbook and ICY BOX. Thus the two of them keep cool. Cool.
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