Kredittkortholder for mobil m/RFID block

Kredittkortholder for mobil m/RFID block
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  • Kredittkortholder for mobil m/RFID block
  • MCASE-CH001-01
  • MCASE-CH001-02

DELTACO Adhesive card holder, RFID blocking, 3M adhesive, black

With the DELTACO adhesive credit card holder it is very convenient and easy to take your credit cards, key cards or other suitable items with you always.
The 3M adhesive sticks on, for example, the back of your mobile phone and your cards and mobile phone are with you wherever you go! Thanks to the elastic pocket you can fit 1 to 4 cards easily.

Can be removed easily if you don’t want to use anymore or move to another surface.

This adhesive credit card holder blocks RFID signals to ensure that your cards don’t get scanned without you knowing it.

• Fits 1 to 4 cards easily
• 3M adhesive to stick to most surfaces
• Easy to remove
• Blocks RFID signals

Product size single unit (WxHxD): 58x88x2mm
Product weight (single): 6g

Package contents: Adhesive credit card holder.

Please remove the credit card holder before using a wireless charger.

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