Sykkelfeste for mobiltelefon

Sykkelfeste for mobiltelefon
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  • Sykkelfeste for mobiltelefon
  • ARM-240-01
  • ARM-240-02
  • ARM-240-03
  • ARM-240-yyy

DELTACO bicycle mount for smartphones, max 60-88mm in width, rotatable, black/blå

This universal bicycle holder easily attaches to your handlebar. When to use the holder, first put the supplied elastic rubber frame around your smartphone then pin your smartphone on the sides, thanks to the rubber frame the smartphone sits very stable. The holder only pins on the sides, which allows you to access your connections, for example, charging port or headphone jack both on top and underneath without problems. The holder has a ball joint that allows you to tilt and rotate your smartphone as you want it.

• Rotatable and tiltable
• For smartphones with 45-95mm in width
• Suitable for handlebar with 15-35mm in diameter

Weight: 62g

Dimensions (WxDxH): 67x133x104mm

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