Satmeter HD 1 Smart

Satmeter HD 1 Smart
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  • Satmeter HD 1 Smart
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Satfinner for DVB-S og DVB-S2 med forhåndsdefinerte posisjoner.
Bluetooth® tilkobling mot mobilapp for både Android og IOS.

Leveres med en solid 10.000mah powerbank som også har lommelykt.

Støtter Sat-CR / Unicable, både Sat-CR 1 og Sat-CR II - dCSS


Simple and fast satellite search with Bluetooth® connection

  • The HD 1 Smart is a satellite finder with all common satellite search functions.
  • The preset satellites and transponders are easy to select and make the search considerably easier.
  • You can immediately judge the signal strength and quality using the LED displays and comfortably align the antenna.
  • With the additional Bluetooth® connection to a mobile device, such as a smartphone, the Sat Finder is enhanced with helpful functions.
  • Additional functions on the mobile device With the free app you now get a spectrum, a constellation and the displays from dBµV, MER, C/N and BER to analyze the signal and adjust the antenna perfectly.
  • You can now use the mobile device to adapt the satellites and transponders to your needs.
  • You can also use the angle calculation to calculate the vertical (elevation) and horizontal (azimuth) orientation of the antenna. This makes it easier to find the satellite you are looking for.
  • Power bench with charging function and LED torch With the included Powerbank you can easily adjust your antenna without connection to the receiver.
  • For operation, the HD 1 Smart satellite measuring device requires a power supply, which it usually receives from the receiver.
  • With the Powerbank you are independent and can supply the antenna with power even without a receiver.
  • Charging additional devices such as smartphones or tablets is also possible. Use one of the two USB ports for this purpose.
  • With the built-in LvD torch, the antenna can also be aligned in poor visibility conditions.
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