Satmeter Digital 1 HD

Satmeter Digital 1 HD
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  • Satmeter Digital 1 HD
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  • Enkel paraboljustering (DVB-S/-S2) med 3,5" skjerm
  • Spectrum og constellation diagram for analyse.
  • Automatisk satellitt gjenkjenning (NIT).
  • Integrert tuner med live TV.

Fast and accurate satellite search

The Digital 1 HD is a measuring instrument for fast and easy alignment of a digital satellite system. It is possible to measure DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals. The built-in color display offers a screen diagonal of 3.5 inches (8.9 cm). The operation is a breeze with the clearly structured menu.

Large signal level display and live TV playback

To align a dish, first orient yourself to the signal level and signal quality. You can switch them to a large display with just a push of one button in order to use the display optimally.
To check the TV picture live, the meter offers an integrated receiver. It is possible to play all free-to-air digital programs in SD and HD. Furthermore, a channel list with the most popular programs is pre-installed, which you can also customize to suit your individual needs. If transmitters or frequencies change, they can be searched via the menu.


Spectrum and Constellation Analysis

To evaluate the signal of the satellite system and to analyze possible reception errors, use the spectrum analysis, which runs in almost real time. The constantly updated display of the diagram immediately changes the spectrum when the dish moves.
The constellation analysis offers a further consideration of satellite reception in order to assess the signal and exclude sources of error. You can see immediately whether the signal arrives bundled or scattered. Furthermore, additional measurement data such as dBµV, C/N, BER, FEC can be shown on the display.


Angle calculation and satellite detection for quick alignment

The angle calculation helps you to determine the vertical and horizontal angle of the antenna, because the elevation and azimuth changes depending on the location. Simply enter the location data and the meter will quickly calculate the appropriate angle settings for the dish. Thus, the desired satellite can be found faster.

With the automatic satellite detection (NIT) you will immediately see which satellite you are on. For example, minute-long alignment attempts are a part of the past.

Additional features and lots of accessories

There is an additional display on the meter that constantly shows the signal level even if you are in a different on-screen menu. The integrated power battery offers up to 3 hours of operation. It can be charged with an ordinary 230V power supply or with the included car charger adapter for on the road in the car. The enclosed protective cover with carrying strap protects the measuring instrument from dirt and splash water. Save the measurement data to the internal memory for later analysis. Via the USB port the satellite and channel list can be exported or imported.


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